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A mortgage refinance can be beneficial in a variety of ways that may not be obvious to an average homeowner.

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Should I Buy a House Now?

Should I Buy a House Now?

Should I buy a house?   That is the question that often comes up as renters approach the end of their lease term.  You may find yourself anxious over the decision of renting again or jumping in as a first-time homebuyer. For some, it’s something they have never really...

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Self-Service vs. Hiring a Mortgage Professional

Self-Service vs. Hiring a Mortgage Professional

Pros and Cons of Self-Service vs. Hiring a Mortgage Professional Homeownership is a dream for many, but it is no easy task. Once you are in a financial position, there are still many steps until you get the keys in hand. Mortgage applications can be a long and tedious...

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Mortgage Delays During Storm Season

Mortgage Delays During Storm Season

Florida storm season can affect and setback several industries, but none so much as the real estate industry. Storms in Florida can affect many steps within the home buying and mortgage processes, so lenders, buyers, and sellers should be on high alert come storm...

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