Hi, Chad Hauseman, CEO of First Down Mortgage.

I just want to take time today to say thanks. We’ve seen a lot of ups and downs this year with 2020 – with COVID, and rates fluctuating up and down, but overall. it’s just been an incredible year for the 1st year of First Down Mortgage. I want to say ‘thank you’ to a couple of people on my team who made this opportunity happen, for myself personally.

First of all, thanking Whitney Loggins – the backbone of the organization, the backbone of a First Down Mortgage. If you got a mortgage with us this year, you’ve had that personal touch and follow up with of how incredible she is. The experience she brings to First Down Mortgage on the processing side and behind the scenes. She is incredible from her ability to drive business and to help myself and the other loan officers within the company. She is really incredible! She is the best in the business. When people ask why would you want to use First Down Mortgage? I say,

“because we have some of the best back-end processors and Operations Director in the business” 

and that’s truth and that’s a fact. You ask anybody in the business, our back in processing in house is incredible. So, Whitney Loggins, thank you so much.

Phillip Greene, up-and-coming rock star doing great. Love that you joined our team in June and really look forward to what you bring to the table moving forward.

Matthew Voutour – I’ve known Matt for almost 17 years. Excited about what he brings to the table, his professionalism, his detail, and being able to get out in the market to do it. Looking for great things from Matt and 2021.

And also Terry Carter – Terry and I worked together at PHH for many years. So happy he joined our team to help with the processing as well as origination, for loan officers for assistance or operations. If you’re looking for a job, we have one of the best tight-knit groups out there and if you’re looking to join a team that’s looking to grow, and be able to have that tight-knit family that’s us.

So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart – First Down Mortgage to my employees for making 2020 a great year and we look forward to what 2021 will bring as well.